Ubisoft’s Rabbids Are Coming To The Sandbox Metaverse

Ubisoft’s Rabbids will soon invade The Sandbox metaverse, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands! Yesterday, The Sandbox announced its partnership with Ubisoft to introduce the company’s game IP elements to The Sandbox gaming metaverse. This means that Ubisoft will have its own LAND in the virtual world, complete with interactive experiences. Players can also use Ubisoft’s voxel characters to create their own experiences using The Sandbox’s free VoxEdit and Game Maker tools.

Ubisoft’s Rabbids are all set to enter The Sandbox metaverse! Credits: The Sandbox

“We’re excited to bring the Rabbids to The Sandbox community and to empower players to create their own original experiences incorporating elements of our gaming IP,” said Guillaume Mammi, Ubisoft’s Senior Manager of New Business and Partnerships. “The Sandbox is an obvious new fun playground addition to the long list of Rabbids world invasions, and a great opportunity for Ubisoft to experiment a metaverse experience for its brands.”

Rabbids’ characters and items to join The Sandbox

Ubisoft is currently working on creating voxelized versions of Rabbids’ characters and items. The Sandbox has also released a video to give a glimpse into the Rabbids as they gear up to enter the metaverse.  

“Ubisoft is a global game company that proved its ability to stay at the forefront of innovation and established its reputation by launching successful franchises and IPs,” said Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox. “We’re proud to help it bring the Rabbids, an IP that players already love, and empower its community of fans to create fun experiences and their own original adventures in The Sandbox.”

For the uninitiated, The Sandbox’s Game Maker tool allows anyone to develop 3D games code-free and at no cost. On the other hand, VoxEdit is a software that enables players to create and animate their own voxel-based NFTs. Players can even sell these NFTs on The Sandbox marketplace. 

The Sandbox’s Game Maker tool lets anyone become a game developer! Credits: The Sandbox

Now, Rabbids’ voxel characters and items will soon enter The Sandbox metaverse. This is a great chance for players and gaming enthusiasts to incorporate Ubisoft’s characters into their own games and experiences. We can likely expect more Ubisoft games to follow suit. After all, Ubisoft was one of the investors that helped Animoca Brands raise $65 million late last year. The video game development giant has also been making several web3 related announcements. For one, it recently gifted NFTs to its staff. Last December, it had also announced plans for an NFT platform, Ubisoft Quartz.

The Sandbox is growing its partnerships

In recent months, The Sandbox has been building partnerships with a range of major companies. Last month, for instance, it announced its partnership with Warner Music Group to create a music-themed world in The Sandbox. To celebrate the partnership, The Sandbox will hold a LAND sale this month where users will get a chance to buy virtual land close to WMG’s property.

In collaboration with global venture accelerator, Brinc, the game has also launched a $50 million Metaverse Accelerator Program. On the contrary, companies like ​​Adidas and the tax firm PwC Hong Kong has bought LAND in the metaverse game.

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