Val Kilmer & Galaxis Platform Team Up for Unique Living NFT Art Project

American actor Val Kilmer has teamed up with Galaxis, a platform for decentralized communities, for the launch of project ‘Kamp Kilmer’ and its first NFT art collection. Whilst Kilmer is most well-known for his iconic appearances in popular comedy films, he also mastered various creative mediums such as poetry, painting and music. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with throat cancer six years ago which put a stop to his creations. However, Kilmer is now back to once again share his legacy with the world.

Connecting Artists & Communities

His latest project, Kamp Kilmer, will serve as a virtual space for artists and eclectics to come together to share ideas and collaborate on art, film, music, and literary projects in exciting and innovative ways through technology and without limitations of space and time.

In a recent statement, Kilmer explained the inspiration behind the project and his vision. “I wanted to create an enclave in which all of us bohemians and pirates, actors, poets, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, and academics can congregate, connect, and make things with me. I searched for the ability to enable projects that could evolve and continue beyond my lifetime, all of our lifetimes. I asked: what if the project could run autonomously for generations to come? I call this realm KAMP KILMER“.

Fans can currently receive a special free NFT from Kamp Kilmer (excluding gas fees) which will unlock future utility and grant presale access to the upcoming GOD PANELS collection in April 2022. Creators can also apply to be part of the Kamp Kilmer project by filling out the application on the official website.

GOD Panels NFT Collection

The creation of the GOD PANELS NFT collection will use elements of creative collaboration and gamification to produce ever-evolving and ‘living’ works of art. The first phase of the project, the ‘Genesis Phase,’ is based on the initial GOD Panel artwork created by Kilmer himself. The original visual art pieces divides the name GOD out in several panels, and it is one of his most famous pieces as it invites the viewer to abstract the word and examine one’s own relationship with the word itself.

The second phase, dubbed the ‘Expansion Phase,’ will begin once all the art pieces that form the Genesis Phase are sold out. During the Expansion Phase, artists collaborators will join forces to work together on a Genesis Piece and create a derivative of the Genesis Piece in a completely new and unique style.

Artist collaborators will have full freedom to decide on how exactly they want to apply and add their own style and vision to the Genesis Piece. Collaborators will also receive part of the revenue from the sale of the derivative pieces.

The Galaxis Platform  

This will be the first NFT project from Kamp Kilmer to use the Galaxis Art Engine, an innovative and new type of NFT that allows artists to collaborate with their communities to create continuously evolving artworks. Galaxis, which was formerly called Ether Cards, is the brainchild of Andras Kristof and Ben Ong.

Ether Cards was launched in 2021, but the founders quickly discovered that the dynamic, interactive utility traits would be an excellent feature for other and current NFT projects to use. So they rebranded to ‘Galaxis,’ which is now a cutting-edge engagement platform that helps to connect creators and their communities by imbuing simple NFTs with utilities that can grow and change, and provide owner-specific benefits as well as interactive tools to cultivate and monetize communities.

I am grateful to Galaxis for enabling my vision and creating a first-of-its-kind art engine that utilizes cutting-edge blockchain technology that enables the creation of collections of collaborative, dynamic, continuously evolving digital art pieces,” said Kilmer in a press release. “Something that was simply not possible prior to the Web3, crypto world.”

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