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Gary Vaynerchuk’s VaynerX, their long-term diverse hiring partner Hidden, and non-profit Creative Spirit have joined forces to bring the metaverse to Cannes Lions in a first-ever phygital party at the festival. The party aims to democratize access to what are otherwise elite events and create global awareness of Creative Spirit, an organization that matches individuals with disabilities, particularly those with intellectual, developmental and learning disabilities, with fair wage jobs at the best companies in the world.

The event will take place in two forms on the evening of Thursday, June 23rd – a physical Yacht Disco Party on the VaynerX Yacht in Cannes, and, concurrently, a Metaverse Beach Club Party taking place in Voxels’ virtual world, built by imnotArt. Partygoers at each event will have the chance to interact – the live DJ set on the yacht will be streamed into the Voxels imnotArt Beach Club, providing the Cannes vibe to the global virtual audience, and all attendees will hear stories from Creative Spirit from around the globe (with signed delivery for the hearing impaired). Virtual attendees will have the opportunity to participate in interactive activities such as a treasure hunt.

VaynerX and Hidden hope that the event will provide a fun moment for anyone to have their first metaverse (and Cannes!) experience, while raising awareness at scale for Creative Spirit. Flowcodes on both the yacht and in the metaverse event will link to a Creative Spirit donation page to encourage contributions to this important cause.

People can sign up to the metaverse event via a link which will be shared on Creative Spirit’s Twitter page next week. You can learn more about Creative Spirit here.

This is the culmination of a series of events in which VaynerX is bringing Web3 and the metaverse to Cannes Lions. As part of the main Cannes Lions programming, VaynerX Chairman Gary Vaynerchuk is speaking with Paris Hilton on “The NFT Revolution and What it Means for Brands”; and VaynerNFT President Avery Akkineni and VaynerMedia Chief Innovation Officer are giving an NFT workshop. On the VaynerX yacht, the programming includes a number of events including a conversation with Cindy Gallop on “Taboos in Marketing – Age, Sex, Money & NFTs” and a session on “Fighting Bias Through Inclusive AI” with Google. In addition, every attendee to the VaynerX Cannes Lions sessions or on the VaynerX yacht will receive a special POAP (proof of attendance protocol – a specific type of NFT) accessed through a Flowcode.

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