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GM! LFG! WAGMI! – The acronyms representing the NFT space portray a feeling of inclusion and optimism. The truth is, it can be a grind. The draining feeling of missed projects, lost aloha and projects falling flat is the reality. While there are major success stories abundant in the space, more often, the reality is a hazy mist of discord rooms and Twitter feeds, leaving both collectors and creators exhausted, anxious and lost.

Amongst the Twitter spaces with headlines promising “alpha” and platforms to “shill”, are spaces of another variety providing levity, a deep breath and a place to find a little peace. 

In dreamy rooms hosted by users like Chels and BebeChez, you’ll find a break from the hustle and a little space to relax. Offering meditation techniques, shared stories of struggle, success, and real life experience- with a sprinkle of NFTs, these rooms are the mainstay and support system for a growing community of NFT collectors and creators looking for a much-earned break. 

The outlook in these Spaces is bright and the rooms are seeing higher volumes of users seeking knowledge and support. The hosts have found the magic touch offering a place to share without shilling, hold space for one another without judgment, and if I’m a new NFT user, this is where I’d want to be. Offering raw connection, these rooms are vulnerable and deep, and the onboarding process is full of kindness and empowerment. 

To learn more, check out Peace, Love and NFTs hosted by Chels. 



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