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On Saturday 22 January 2022, some of the world’s most notable influencers, collectors, and pioneers within the NFT space gathered in NFT Paris 2022. As expected, the NFT event was a huge success. The event hosted around 650 participants in Station F, the world’s largest startup campus located in Paris. This exclusive event featured speakers, NFT projects, a treasure hunt, an NFT exhibition, and an immersive metaverse experience.

Credit: Olivier Criado

NFT Paris 2022

The event was made possible because of the efforts of two MSC X-HEC Entrepreneurs students: Côme Prost-Boucle and Alexandre Tsydenkov. The duo understood the magnitude of NFTs and its impact towards various industries, motivating them to create the event. The success of NFT NYC and NFT Miami pushed them to bring the event to the capital of arts and technological innovation. Hence, NFT Paris 2022.

The main purpose of the event is to develop a better understanding towards NFTs in general. The team also aims to simplify the entry process for the general public, breaking down barriers to the NFT space.

Credit: Olivier Criado

More than 45 speakers graced the event with their presence. They generously shared their visions and knowledge on the Web3 revolution. There were around 70 screens in Station F, presenting the works of various crypto-artists. In addition, the event hosted more than 25 booths with entrepreneurs from different sectors within the NFT space.

There were many panels discussing various hot topics circling the industry today. The topics included metaverse, security, art, luxury and technology. Each project has their unique value proposition, targeting different target markets. Furthermore, many Web3 teams were introducing their projects to the participants of the event.

Finally, NFT Paris organized a charity auction, raising a total of $38,000. Eventually, three associations were selected, including she256.org, The Global Heritage Fund, and The Giving Block – art & culture section. More than 20 famous artists contributed towards the latter, mostly within the Tezos community, and some on Ethereum.

Credit: Olivier Criado

List of Speakers

List of Speakers. Credit: NFT Paris

List of Sponsors

List of sponsors. Credit: NFT Paris

Such IRL events are particularly useful to explore the use cases of the revolutionary technology. In addition, it presents an excellent opportunity for industry players to meet others within the ecosystem, which can prove valuable in the near future. Given that the industry is developing at such a rapid pace, engaging in thought-provoking conversations with industry experts may just be the breakthrough that we all need.

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