Why NFTevening Purchased a Luxury Villa From Exclusible After NFT Paris

On January 22nd, one of the most significant NFT-dedicated events in Europe, NFT Paris, took place. The venue hosted some of the top projects and sales (Exclusible luxury villa NFTs included!). Of course, the NFT Evening team was there as a media partner!

In fact, it was then that our team got an insight into the Exclusible Luxury District. This innovative land built within The SandBox is a perfect combination between luxury, entertainment, and accessibility. In fact, the project is so exciting that NFT Evening purchased a luxury villa NFT too!

Last weekend, Exclusible hosted a virtual party for guests of the NFT Paris event, shortly after its 150 villa NFTs from the Luxury District sold out!

What is the Exclusible Luxury District?

Exclusible is one of the leading NFT platforms dedicated to luxury digital collectibles. This year, the group raises the bar in terms of virtual real estate with its 108 land parcels within The Sandbox. There, the team will build three luxurious cities, creating a fun, inclusive, and modern atmosphere all around.

In addition, villa NFT holders will also get to explore the Exclusible Hub. This place will host shopping malls, galleries, and gaming experiences for every collector looking for a good time.

Notably, each city is made of five villages – and every village includes ten large Exclusible luxury villa NFTs. Of course, each property is as luxurious as it gets, featuring modern designs and high-quality materials. What’s more, the 150 NFT villa holders will benefit from exclusive concerts, fashion shows, and VIP parties within The SandBox.

Here are the three main types of villa NFTs:

Without a doubt, the vibrant community will open doors to a new virtual society where luxury meets entertainment. Any Exclusible luxury villa NFT holder will be able to host their own events while being an active part of the community.

In summary, the grand design and opportunities brought by these virtual properties instantly caught collectors’ eye at the NFT Paris event – including NFT Evening!


Surprisingly, the Exclusible Luxury District will also include Play-to-Earn mechanics for an entertaining experience!

Why did NFT Evening purchase a luxury villa NFT?

The Exclusible Luxury District is a virtual land full of possibilities – and that’s exactly what excites us. Firstly, we’ll be able to start hosting exclusive events in one of the most luxurious areas in the metaverse! What’s more, the NFT Evening Exclusible luxury villa can also become a prime-time spot to socialize and interact like never before.

It’s a matter of months until we will finally get to meet and greet in one of the top luxury villas of the Metaverse, so stay tuned!

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