Wicked Craniums’ new Roadmap is out, and the new plans are popular

Wicked Craniums have just released their upcoming plans via a new 2.0 roadmap. So, if you’re one of the Skullies, you definitely don’t want to miss these exciting details.

Image Credit: Wicked Craniums

Already, Wicked Cranium’s previously launched NFTs are popular. The collection includes skulls of each kind. Still, the company wanted to revolutionize itself.

Let us tell you everything about Wicked Craniums’ new vision.

Wicked Craniums’ new Roadmap

After its success, the company is expanding. Therefore, it is focusing on new marketing strategies, innovative UI of their website, hiring more employees and changing their discord structure.

Moving along, the company will also concentrate on building a solid metaverse experience. So, Wicked Craniums’ NFT holders can expect several future events happening in Craniums’ Sandbox.

What’s more exciting is that the NFT team behind Wicked Craniums received a lot of requests for music events. And guess what? the team partnered with a fully equipped production team to make the request a reality.
Thus, every Wicked Cranium holder will receive a free entry to music events called “Bone Shake” which will also go live in their metaverse.

Benefits for NFT holders

To begin, the Wicked Craniums’ NFT team partnered up with Avenged sevenfold to release a new line of merchandise. Plus, the collaboration will go beyond clothing and might bring some cool accessories for the NFT collectors.

That’s not it, the team is also focusing on creating secure transactions. Hence, they created a first-ever staking contract that holds an up-to-date record of all the transactions. As a result, staking contracts will help in preventing fraud and errors.

Additionally, the NFT organization also opened an ambassador program. Given that, the organizers teamed up with street artist Birdcap to spread their NFT arts into the streets as well.

Moreover, the company launched a decentralized platform with a cute name – “Cradle”. This will enable all NFT holders to connect with each other in a decentralized space.

More about the collection

The Wicked Craniums NFT collection comprises 10,762 tokens. Currently, the NFT drops are available on Opensea with a floor price of 0.135 ETH over 8.8K ETH of volume traded. (at the time of writing)


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