Win this NFT Competition And You Could Take A Commercial Flight To Space

The NFT collection, Rebel Planet Motor Club, also known as Rebel Planet MC, recently announced that one of their lucky winners will be taken to space.

The NFT is available at OpenSea

The announcement read “we’re going to space IRL and something about free bikes. Someone just raised the bar of minting benefits dangerously high”. Now, the team made this announcement on the official discord channel. Meanwhile, they’re planning to reveal more details soon.

More about Rebel Planet MC NFT collection

The NFT collection was launched on 27th December 2021. Currently, the patch collection consists of 1 unique item. The average price for a Rebel Planet MC – Patch item is 0.07 ETH.

Not long ago, RPMC released their first Genesis NFT collection for free. Obviously, demand was much higher than the supply. As a result, they were sold out within minutes.

While the project is new and growing at a steady pace. With announcements like this, it certainly is going to attract many enthusiasts.

Interestingly, the team works on various issues such as gas wars, bots etc to make the minting process better. To explain, to prevent gas wars, the NFT devs limit the number of accounts allowed to mint at any one time. Even smart contract is optimized to make gas costs lower.

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