World of Women (WoW) Galaxy NFT –

The first expansion to the wildly successful World of Women project is launching.

The World of Women universe is expanding. From the creators of the iconic WoW collection comes the long awaited second collection. Brand new art by renowned artist Yam Karkai. Exclusive perks. And more.


The Story

  • The world has changed. The Assembly of Women received cryptic messages and solved a series of puzzles, which led them to…
  • Discovering a new planet! The 8th World – it was Mother Earth all along. Our own planet, but from the future… Nova Gaïa.
  • They later learned that women from the future established contact with the Assembly of Women to unite.
  • In their journey, they discovered a portal for time travel. While crossing the portal into this new Galaxy, some of them witnessed a surprising transformation…soon a new type of WoW Galaxy will be revealed.

Drop Details

– Dutch Auction: 10k supply. Starting price of 3E, with a final resting price of 0.3E. Exact brackets and details not yet known.

-Allow List: 0.3E and will run right after the dutch auction ends.

-WoW Holders: Your claim period begins at 1:00 PM

  • WoW holders are eligible to claim their WoW Galaxy for free + gas fees.
  • All attributes are generated randomly, except for skin tone, which will match that of your WoW. Bonus: Each WoW has a chance of evolving into the new Iridium skin tone.
  • The public sale will be a Dutch auction. This helps to set a fair minting price and avoid high gas fees.
  • More info on the price of mint coming soon.
  • The Allowlist will be used to welcome other communities and supporters to the WoW fam.
  • Follow along on Twitter and Discord for more info


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