World Poker Tour and Theta Labs Announce A Web3 Season Pass

The World Poker Tour is launching an incredible Web3 digital Season Pass in partnership with Theta Labs. Powered by Theta Metachain, The WPT Season Pass offers exclusive access to seasons 18 and 19 of the World Poker Tour. For $25, you can experience a new way of engaging with the official TV show. This is an excellent opportunity to join a vibrant web3 poker community.

Image of the World Poker Tour and Theta partnership
World Poker Labs is launching an exclusive Season 19 Pass in partnership with Theta Labs.

The World Poker Tour Digital Season Pass is now live!

World Poker Tour is a hugely popular televised gaming and entertainment brand. The company was established in 2002, and has seen massive growth. In fact, millions of people world wide tune in to watch its international poker tournaments.

The Theta WTP Season Pass offers poker fans a closer, more immersive experience in a growing community. Last year, Theta was the exclusive streaming partner for WPT Season 18, and now it is continuing as a sponsor. What’s more, there are some incredible new features. So, now you can chat with other viewers, join the community, and watch completely ad-free.

Officially, The World Poker Tour NFT Pass provides you access to all WTP live shows. This includes weekly episodes from December 2022 to February 2023 and exclusive access to Season 18 WPT videos.

We are proud to partner with Theta to offer users an exclusive way to access WPT seasons 18 and 19 with the first digital season pass powered by Theta Metachain.” said WPT CEO Adam Pliska. “WPT has always taken a forward-thinking approach to using technology to engage with our users, and this is the next step in bringing more value to our loyal fans.”

WPT Season 19 Pass is free for existing WTP NFT Holders

Significantly, all WTP NFT holders on ThetaDrops will receive the Season 19 Pass free via an airdrop. This exclusive pass is essentially a 12-month license to WPT content and is possible due to Theta’s unique Digital Collectables DRM technology.


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