WOW officially launch DAWOW, their new governance DAO

World of Women (WOW) is taking its first steps into community governance as they announce the launch of DAWOW.

World of Women officially launches DAWOW, the community governance DAO.

The new governance DAO, aptly called DAWOW, will change the way WOW operates. Importantly, DAWOW puts World of Women token holders at the heart of WOW decision making. This means that they will have a say in the future of WOW and the way it moves forward.

Of course, many decisions will remain in the hands of the World of Women team. However, this is a great move to give token holders a voice in the space. Each WOW token allows you one vote in the DAWOW.

The DAO is the perfect example of how to empower your community. There are over 5000 individual owners of WOW tokens. WOW states that “We believe that thousands of community members can be smarter than just a few.”

DAWOW is the next step for the rising World of Women

World of Women has continued to impress since its inception, less than a year ago, in July 2021. Mostly, due to its success and focus on celebrating representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all. Additionally, many celebrities are now major WOW NFT holders.

Amongst the celebrities is the world-famous actor Reese Witherspoon. WOW also donates to numerous charities, and DAWOW will now have the opportunity to vote on things like this. The highly anticipated World of Women Galaxy collection is also expected shortly.

Finally, DAWOW is live now, and there is already an exciting proposal for the community to participate in.

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