WTF Industries Twitter account deleted after ex-employee calls Taylor out

The popular WTF Industries Twitter account is no more after ex-employee @renonelab called them out. In a thread today, Renonelab explained why he walked away from WTF Industries.

Stating that he needed a ‘clean break’, the artist explained that he considers at the heart of the problems.


Artist @Renonenlab insists that he faced mistreatment by WTF Industries.

@Renonelab goes into detail in his tweets, claiming he was never paid and received numerous ownership promises. He also went on to say he was subjected to gaslighting and made out to be an awful person.

In a separate tweet, he added, “I’m glad I left when I did. Facts are this it was not the first time people had seen that side of Taylor. That’s my statement.”

In a related event, WTF Industries Twitter account n0 longer exists. It might be a strange coincidence; However, it appears connected to the controversy.

Meanwhile, Taylor.WTF confirmed he is no longer able to access the WTF Industries Discord. He stated, “A LOT IS HAPPENING with WTF right now. For unclear reasons, I have been forcibly removed from the Discord that I have worked hard to build. I have also been blocked from accessing any of the WTF social media accounts.”

Finally, it will be interesting to see how this plays out and if either of them can work at WTF Industries again. The NFT community is growing, but it is still relatively small. Hopefully, as it develops, we can see a more transparent business model.



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