Y00ts Waitlist Mint Is Also Delayed

The highly-anticipated y00ts waitlist mint was delayed indefinitely. The news comes as the team also postponed its initial mint to deal with internal errors. Accordingly, y00tlisted members will be announced at least 24 hours before the waitlist officially begins.

The long-awaited waitlist mint for y00ts’ t00bs NFTs gets delayed indefinitely. Credit: y00ts

Why did y00ts delay their waitlist mint too?

After experiencing a “blocker bug” on their main mint, y00ts also had to postpone their waitlist mint. The event was initially scheduled for September 6th at 2 PM PST. Once again, the project founders announced to their community that the mint would not happen. Unfortunately, they didn’t set up a new mint date either.

“We will make sure it’s clear when the waitlist will happen & give people 24 hours to make sure they are present for the mint. Bear with us, not ideal circumstances… just trying to be fair with our holders,” the team wrote in a tweet.

While we don’t know the exact cause of the mint delay, the y00ts team mentioned they’re experiencing internal errors. At the time of writing, the project’s founder, Frank DeGods, is allegedly working through the issues.

The NFT community has all eyes on the y00ts NFT mint as its creator, Frank, is tryign to solve internal errors. Credit: y00ts

 Why is there so much hype around y00ts?

In short, y00ts is a new NFT collection coming from the creators of DeGods – the most successful Solana project to date. There’s still plenty of mystery around the new project. To begin with, collectors had to apply for a y00ts scholarship to make it to the whitelist. Only accepted applicants were able to mint a t00b – the NFTs required in order to get y00ts collectibles.

The main mint of the project happened on September 5th after a 24-hour delay. Some NFT holders took advantage of the hype and already sold their mint to make profit. For example, Bored Ape NFT whale Franklin made a 90 SOL profit after selling his t00bs mint.

As we’re waiting for news from the y00ts team, you can learn more about the popular y00ts collection in our dedicated article.


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