Zombie film ‘The Rise’ to release as NFT via son of George Romero.

The Rise NFT will be released NFT on October 27th. This NFT zombie film is a family affair, over 60 years in the making. In 1968, a relatively unknown filmmaker called George A. Romero made Night of the Living Dead. The film would go on to become a cult classic and inspire the zombie genre of cinema.

Now, almost 60 years later, his son, George C. Romero, is bringing the dead back to life with The Rise. He has teamed up with Heavy Metal Entertainment to deliver this frightening NFT. Once again, the dead will walk the earth. Resurrected, just in time for Halloween, zombies will roam the blockchain. The NFT collection, called The Rise, is a prologue to the original Night of the Living Dead film that changed cinema.


The Rise is to be released as an NFT by George C. Romero, son of legendary zombie filmmaker George Romero. Credit: Diego Yapur.

Written and directed by George C. Romero, the acclaimed producer and director. He is also an established comic book creator. Not to mention, he was born into the industry, with his father being one of the most beloved indie film directors of all time.

The Rise is a short motion comic documentary. Romero features in it, using his voiceover skills to tell the story. He recalls his struggle to find a home for The Rise – the comic book that the film is about. George also reflects on what it was like growing up with his father, the man who single-handedly created the zombie genre. The Rise artwork is by Diego Yapur. Visually stunning, it also matches the deep gravelly tones of Romero’s voice. 

Why make The Rise an NFT?

In an interview with Crypto.com, George explained why he has chosen to make The Rise into an NFT, “NFTs are one of the most exciting new spaces for me,” he said. “To launch ‘The Rise’ NFTs with Heavy Metal on Crypto.com is one of those next-gen moments for a brand that has endured for five decades. I love the excitement that bleeds from a Romero and Heavy Metal collaboration. Creating this with Matthew Medney has been one of the most rad-tastic projects I’ve had the honour of realizing. I’m so excited to see the future hitting both of our legacy brands with such force.”

The Rise NFT documentary is available to buy exclusively on Crypto.com/NFT. There are 10 copies for sale.
credit: Diego Yapur

The NFT collection will be available exclusively on Crypto.com/NFT. Furthermore, it is a collaboration between George C. Romero and Heavy Metal Entertainment, the company behind Sci-fi and fantasy comics magazine Heavy Metal. There are ten feature-length NFTs of The Rise available to buy right now. The minimum bid currently sits at $500, with only one day remaining in the auction. You can also purchase the film in parts, with bids starting at $40. 

The Rise is the crowning glory of HODLween Week on Crypto.com. This entire week there will be several exclusive Halloween themed NFTs dropping on the platform.

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